Monday, March 16

It's ok, there is nothing you can say that I haven't heard before.

Excuse me Smiss.
Um, Sir? Can I get some help?
Do you watch the Ellen Degeneres show? Isn't she a lesbian?
She likes girls, right?
Have you even had long hair?
Er, can I help you set that up sir?
Hey mister! Pass the ball!
Hi five, bro.
Sorry, Dad.

Criteria: Teacher
Applicant: Positive role model.
Sexuality: Irrelevant
Gender: Should good with both
Necessary: Flawless boi walk, hard stare and soft eyes.
Mandatory: Sense of humour

Today all they wanted to talk about today was Sir's gender... sexuality... errr, hair

Coupla boys that mistook me for a Miss earlier in the year realised I was  Sir and agroed up for a while. Corridor scattered as I walked down it this morning. 

Offence? None taken. Tomorrow will be back to normal.