Wednesday, December 22

Second Oasis = No DMZ

It has been a while since Sir wrote. Many good things have happened since that moment.

For example: Sir now sits in the oasis of West Foots. Ay!! You may say, why? Well, despite the obvious answers in terms of proximity to the wilde west, perhaps this picture can give you a clue.... the birds are fed ( of course) and so are the fish (outside and pampered inside), and so is the beautiful little girl (of course, of couuuurrsse, purr)

Despite the many flaws of the inner western suburbs (inner... bah! 25 minutes on a lazy day to Carlton... but not for the city views)... well actually Sir cannot think of many flaws. Sir did witness a drive by drug deal while Sir was brushing the cat...& there are (shock) often bins left on the nature-strip well after rubbish day... also, Sir does guess Totty is a chrome fest and the Totty homeless chromers fire at night is just up the road.

There is no chain reaction, well should Sir say Bogan_Lawn_Markov_Chain. Also, Sir's first intuition to the whippershnapper was a good one... many many whippersnappers here... why? No big ass lawns!! Hah!!

But hey, Sir & her clan are the dignified social climbers... Sir and her clan can deviate from these paths. More of paths in this new place later...

In fact the absence of a DMZ is beautiful.

Sir sees people walking too and fro, cycling to and fro, nay waiting outside their homes for a taxi!! Walking down the street! Even talking to each other, gosh ... well, even talking to utter strangers!!

One lovely lady in pink , with large shoes and proscription sunglasses with fruity breath gave Sir a "Merry Christmas Love.... gosh and you are so pretty too!" Ha! The wonder at being his/herself on the way to get take-aways Indian.

So now that the children are fed, the arabic coffee wafts over the fence, in and outwards to the neighbours, the taxi pulls in to next door for the nightshift... sigh. It can't get much better than this.