Tuesday, September 13

measuring by frog, dear god, on meditation

Sir found, to her great delight, a frog tape measure. In a box. Sir looked some more, and found many other comforting delights.... an un-picker, a pair of tiny tweezers. In a box. More investigation. Tiny love heart jewellery. Hanging green curtains. A green bedside table cloth. Goth gloves and a tiny black cat calling her name. A large caramel tart with fur grinning on her scratching post, waving an inviting mischevious tail.

Long time between righting the psyche means a long time between writing. Things are changing and have been challenging. But which Sir can come home and find these beautiful gifts of presence? The knowledge that loved ones and loved creatures have been in and inhabited a space is such a treasure. Allowing time to pass, existence to be, creatures to inhabit a space and leave their trail of being like a waft of the pure scent of love.

Good change is hard work. Starting from the bare psyche and forging into the unknown of more howling windswept thoughts. Trying to be present in the moment while listening to guided meditations. Making appointments and keeping them. Talking honestly. Wondering if there will be any change... to the mind, to the heart, to the pattern of thoughts that lie in ones brain. Sitting with feelings. Wondering, in desperation if one really has the capacity for change and creation at all.


Teaching evolution again has made Sir's day. Convergent, divergent, analogous, homologous. Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis, Australopithecines, Homo Sapiens sapiens. homo homo homo homo. Ha! HOMO!!


Trying to create an new space is not hard... if you have the tools. The tools come from the work of knowing one's self. Plug in the new revelations that have been discovered and see what happens. A new script, however, means an unknown future. The potential for joy can be expressed as a function, f(j)= w.a/p, where j = joy, w= mind & body work, a=awareness and p=being present. Confused? Sir too.