Saturday, April 4

You've got cock sucking lips

A couple of little beauties before Sir sinks into a haze of  holidays and pressing family business. 

The title of this blog-post refers to a particular young man who fits into the Melbournian inner North and Western suburbs 'Arabic gangsta' stereotype. Apparently he was suspended for telling another student that his lips were particularly attractive... was he inferring that his peer was gay? Sir would have responded with "why? do you want a head job?". 

One of Sir's dear friends has scored a job until the end of the year working as a junior Science teacher in 'Broady'. Cock sucking lips aside, Sir feels that the overtly mannish nature of this teacher friend will help in the fight against blatant heterosexism.... but wonders if  the suit fits rather too well? White, sport loving working class girl seeks similar position to  maintain status quo. Is Sir being too cruel?