Tuesday, July 21


Things are pretty peaceful here in the world of not teaching. A sense of lightness in the being and a absence of early morning jitters has certainly put things into perspective for Sir in the last few weeks. These photosynthetic beasties are a challenging as things are getting on the work front these days.

As for the things that we can choose to do and the things that are not possible, it would seem that painting rooms, moving furniture, starting an ebay account (with some trepidation... it's the whole packing and posting thing ) being an unpaid administration guru are all in the role specified as executor. Sir wonders hazily, somewhere, how this blog was transformed from a teaching grizzle to a general airing tool, but dear reader it has occurred. Some time in the future.... most probably next week, Sir will embark on the wobblier yet responsibility free path of the CRT. Until then.