Sunday, November 16

Nothing is stopping me from doing the wrong thing except the consequences.

The ideas behind statements like this when spoken from the mouth of a 16 year old to an adult can be many. When spoken from the mouth of a Yr 10 Mathematics student to me after seven years of teaching, there are only two.  

It could be the start of a philosophical negotiation about the behavioral and work contract we have in place for our shared space during class time. Or it is a statement designed to elicit a conversation about the space and time namely time, that we share together and how it is used.

Thousands of comments that are part of conversations have flown past these ears that have practiced the art of selective hearing for years. Being submerged in the filth of language, thoughts, lack of empathy and physical presence of teenagers numbs the senses and files off any sharp responses to words and phrases that would turn our head in a flash outside the fence of this social construction... the school. 

Deconstruction is healthy and laughing is magic. 

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