Wednesday, February 11

She's a Gansta!

Returning to the unreal world of reality has seen Sir immersed in a whole new series of classes for the year. Good things have come over the holidays.... a new position that is not co-ordination has allowed for a much more relaxed start to the year. Wot a relief. 

Sad news has also come over the holidays.... Sir's faithful partner in crime, a true blue Croatian battle axe has has a mastectomy and will be facing chemo and radiation therapy over the next 6 months. Much sadness and support will follow for this woman that Sir highly respects and admires.

Crusty and inappropriate as it is, Sir must comment on the amusing situation that has unfolded because of this heavy situation. Misogynist hairy has seen his day.... a leader he will be! And golly, what a leader he is turning out to be. A never-present holding-up-the-law type of guy he has never been, however how fortunate that he has managed to step into he role of co-ordinator after Sir. What smooth sailing! After all of the hard work of weeding out difficult students and teachers alike, setting up procedures and negotiating strategies, squeezing blood out of a stone and showing that there is hope for good natured sweet mouthed sober young people in society. At least in the outer west...

Yes, Sir is a little grouchy. She admits that timing has never been her forte. However neither has taking on a role that has been shaped by someone else been Sir's scene. Should Sir be grateful that the position is now so highly sought after because it appears to be easy? Oh this is too much! Perhaps it is time to move on.

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