Monday, February 15

These steps I have taken without you

Much to the relief (and outwardly projected body language) of Sir, the mode of teaching has changed for the better.

On returning to the Salt Mine, Sir has begun teaching at the upper end of the chaotic relm of Secondary School. Since coming to the wilde west and teaching at the junior level, Sir was, admittedly, somewhat infected with the general idea that the Senior teachers trashed us, so we would trash them. In reality, the Senior campus is seen as a step into that private area of the VCE teacher. Kind of a dark doorway into an unknown paradise of *easy* classes a somewhat more relaxed attitude.

All true, in some senses. It *is* a dark relm of VCE teaching... but this only refers to the cave-like quality of the office that Sir now shares with the other Mathematics and Science teachers. This is where the fantasy stops and real work begins. Actual teaching, preparations and discussion of curriculum is refreshing. Working with intelligent and articulate woman who teach Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology is delightful. What a glorious thing.

There is also another advantage to working in a generally quiet and studious environment. The shock of coming back to work has been a softened blow. One that Sir is feeling a little now, after two weeks back in the game. This night, after 2 valerian and a quietly sleeping wife schnoozed off, the feeling of "oh no I took a day off work" tries to creep back in to the mind of Sir. She must remind herself that this year is one of difference. That working through grief is its own full time job. Despite the Senior classes Sir can still only work at the speed of one person putting the pieces back together. Sir never realised how much she would change.

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