Wednesday, June 24

Coupla dayes.... Coupla Dayes.... beauoootiful.

Thanking the anonymous commenter on the actuality of being upwardly mobile.

Sir now faces the challenge of being downwardly mobile. The time draws near to time off and anyone who teaches will appreciate the desperate nature of the last week in term two before the holiday. Things are strange here in the ranch of western suburbs blues. Sir just read the blog off a friends website and was reminded of the curious thing of beige writing. Sir cannot imaging anything worse than thinking that she was good a writing and, then being not good at writing and not knowing it.

Was it the content? Was it the the strange pictures or was it the almost anal referencing to nothing at all? Sir is confused. A smart friend should have smart friends, ay? Perhaps it is the cruelty of never being taught the correct cultural capital of certain things. Maybe it is because everyone has a bloody website these day.... who knows?

Anyway, in the land of western suburbs blues Sir has 2 more days to go, and then looks into a future of lightness that is the CRT... and hopefully not too much of that! A living must be eeked out, and strangely the feeling of unknown has a curious lightness to it.

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