Tuesday, June 2

Not another bloody Tuesday

Its official. Sir has had it with this teaching game. Exams, crappy kids, ratty contract staff who won't be re-employed. The letters to various close by but not dodgy Secondary Colleges lie in a pile on the lounge room floor. Thoughts of no, not ever, whatever.... fleeting moments of clarity. Would it be bad to leave and never ever return?

Sir has been thinking a lot about identity. Granted, it is the main theme of this blog (she thinks!). Time to go... but what then? How to be a person outside this thing that is created when one becomes a professional. Sir thinks that professional might just be another word for tired, or burnt out, or not thinking. Black times.

Is it a reality of the socially able that being engaged in the endless mindlessness of never ending working is bearable? Or is it that people just get the shits with not having enough money and decide that swallowing corporate, goddess, even worse, state governement spewtum is ok? Its a toughie. But most of the interesting people Sir knows are from many backgrounds and will have a journey into many other planes of being in the future. Sir always knew that the end would come one day. Is this it?


  1. One has to wonder, whether it is a helpful skill to handle exploitation (or fill in another noun of choice here). It is perhaps the skill of the oppressed but also of the upwardly mobile. An odd coincidence. It is a much stranger and more precise work to seek out narrow tracks for navigating movement with as little ugly compromise as possible. And some environments preclude this totally... Compromise itslef, however, is fine - with others, for a benefit larger than self. But ugly compromise is when you pretend you like getting fucked, and I think it best not to pretend, at least to oneself.

  2. Ugly compromise... yes a thing to be avoided most certainly.